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Critique of environmental report

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Find and critique the environmental or sustainability report for an organization of your choice. How do you think the report could be improved? What additional information, if any, do you think the report should include?

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Northern Arizona University
2006 Sustainability report

Northern Arizona University intends to decrease its impact on the environment. Their commitment to sustainability includes using fewer resources, using renewable resources, reducing consumption, and reducing waste.

The sustainability report will engage staff, students and the community to become a more sustainable institute. Students will conduct sustainability research projects, while the staff concentrate on implementing well-planned sustainable measures. The community involvement is insuring the construction of efficient buildings and reducing traffic to the campus.

The report addressed global warming by implementing transportation elements. Walking and biking was encouraged by improving its desirability ...

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A critique of the environmental report for a University. Suggestions on how the report could be improved and discussion of additional information to be added.

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