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    Example of How to Crop a Map in ArcGIS 9

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    I have created a map and now they want just the center of it-how do I crop in ArcGIS9.1?

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    Example of How to Crop a Map in ArcGIS 9:

    On the Layout View there is a box covering the page. This is called the Data Frame, it will show the map layer(s) currently displayed in the Data view.

    Imagine you have a Data Frame that shows a street map. There are three streets running east-west in this order from south to north: King St, Queen St and Bloor St. You want to crop the map to remove Bloor St at the top so that you only see the area covered from King St to Queen St.

    To crop whatever is shown in the Data ...

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    I explain how to crop a map in ArcGIS 9.