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    Importance of quick and accessible news/journalism content

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    The mobile platform has brought with it a series of challenges. One of them being frequency of content, as consumers become accustomed to getting much more from the medium. Another being the size of each individual content, which is where a trend towards compelling but quick content is becoming the norm, given the various constraints/conditions around the mobile platform.

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    With the increasing weight and market share of new media, and the competitive knock-on effects of the changes it is bringing to the industry, within its own scope, a new kind of competition is emerging within various forms of news and reader content. While websites and the more independent blog outlets are outpacing the printing press on certain fronts, the fact that a sizeable and growing contingent of viewers are now consumers of said media on mobile platforms (tablets and smart phones), this raises some interesting points about a change in relaying content to the end user.

    Some have postulated the notion that mobile media should be seen as an entirely different and distinct entity from the standard trope of ...

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    Why it might be important to consider the challenges of news and journalistic content on the mobile platform, especially in how it pertains to the size, frequency and quality of the content being created for consumers on the go.