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film elements of comedy

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Imagine you are a character in a comedy. What actions or types of events are you likely to experience? Now imagine you are a director of a comedy film. What kinds of visual effects are you likely to use? Name some other characteristics one finds in all comedies. How do they contribute to comedy?

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This solution epitomizes various film elements of comedy and comic characters. References are also listed.

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As you imagine you are a character in a comedy, I deem exaggerated actions and facial expressions, big, bold body movements as characteristic of this genre. Since any theme or plot is definitely elevated to the extreme, humor comes from some of the mockery that language, action, and characters would portray to poke fun at a situation, theme, or conflict.

Since research proves how "Comedies observe the deficiencies, foibles, and frustrations of life, providing merriment and a ...

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