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Differences in theatrical elements of Jaws

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Select a movie to compare and contrast with the suggested film. The film suggested is "Jaws". These films must be from the same time period (e.g., released within a few years from each other), but must be from different genres (a musical and a Western; a romance and a horror film; a comedy and a historical epic).
1.What do the differences in theatrical elements reveal about the specific genre of each movie?
2. What do the themes and narratives say about the time these movies were produced? What can you infer about the audience who liked these movies when they were first released?

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I can't write the entire assignment for you but I can give you some pointers to help you out:

-Jaws was released in 1975
-the movie it can be compared to is "Saturday Night Fever" with John Travolta in 1977
-Saturday Night Fever is a drama and a bit of a romance story - extremely different from a horror movie like "Jaws"
-theatrical elements in "Jaws" include blood, scary music and aims towards scaring a crowd through entertainment
-the reason for the huge success of "Jaws" is that it preyed upon many people's fears of sharks - it was like their ...

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