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    Case Study: India's Film Production Industry

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    Summarize the key facts of the case.
    1. Using the Internet, research "Bollywood," India's film production industry. What are the key characteristics of Bollywood?
    2. Does Slumdog's success reflect the Americanization of India or the reverse? Explain. Is the success of Slumdog a fad or a fashion? Explain why?
    3. Assume that you are an Indian Bollywood movie producer. You want to extend the appeal of your films to the US. How would you approach this project? Who would the formal and informal gatekeepers be and how would you appeal to them?

    The book: Solomon, M., R. (2011). Consumer Behavior: Buying, Having, and Being. 9th edition. Prentice Hall.

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    The international film industry is one of pristine opportunities to showcasing a different way in expressing visual messages and culture to a variety large audience. In deciphering the film industry, especially, in the India marketplace the movie view is exposed to types of cultural behaviors and politics within a compelling story. Let's take a look at some core elements related to the international film industry, such as, in India with Bollywood:

    1. Using the Internet, research "Bollywood," India's file production industry. What are the key characteristics of Bollywood?

    Bollywood is one of the largest film producers in Mumbai Bombay producing a variety of genres for the targeted populace movie viewer (Torrin, 2012). In assessing the key characteristics of Bollywood, the understanding knows that India film industry is in certain parts of reflection to the types of funded theatrical works, thereby, Bollywood is one of the largest centers of film production of a cultural theme. Thus, try and identifying the core identifiers within certain characteristic based on the multiple expressions to communicating, such as, in different languages that will further tap into additional demographics. And, the observation that Bollywood is of a descriptor of the India Film industry that a designated location of reference to ...

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