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Questions about the Academic Expert Community

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Who is in the Academic Expert Community?

  • Our community is populated by literally hundreds of students, teachers and professionals all of whom are studying towards or have already earned a Masters or Doctorate degree from an accredited university institution.
  • These highly-trained academics have joined from countries all over the world to share their academic knowledge amongst each other and with students around the world in nearly every academic discipline.
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Where are the Academic Experts located?

  • Academic Experts all work from their own computer terminals located all over the globe. Just as students are able to access assistance here from any internet connection, our Academic Experts work from the comfort of their own environs. No commuting required!
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What are graduate-level professionals?

  • We consider graduate-level professionals to be those members of our community who have attained a graduate degree and are now working in their chosen field of expertise professionally. These Academic Experts often apply their "real world" experience when assisting students leading to unique insight for students enclosed within smaller scholastic communities.
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May I offer teaching services in more than one subject?

  • Of course! You will be automatically entered into subject areas that correspond with your educational background. If you would like to be an Academic Expert in other areas, please email us your request or mention the additional areas in the registration form. For example, if you are an Electrical and Computer Engineering graduate, you can request that related subjects like Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science be added to your Academic Expert profile.
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How are Academic Experts paid?

  • We use the independent payment system PayPal to transfer funds to our Academic Experts in North America. This services allows us to send funds electronically to our Academic Experts. There are no registration fees, but both services will require your banking information to make the transfer. These methods are extremely secure and your banking information is fully protected. If you would like to read more about these services, please visit
  • Some Academic Experts located outside of North America are paid via cheque in Canadian funds, however most regions outside of North America also have PayPal access.
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Is the student able to view the solution/review prior to purchasing?

  • No! The student is able to view your credentials, profile, and rating. If, based on that information, the student does NOT want to pick up the response, they must indicate a valid reason to us, which we will then communicate to you. Otherwise, the student must pick up the response you have created. If they do not pick up the solution, they will receive a number of email warnings, in accordance with our Non Payment Policy. After four warnings, the student's account will be suspended and any credits on hand will be allocated to the Academic Expert who provided the assistance.
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What types of documentation are accepted as "proof of academic credentials"?

  • There are several accepted forms of proof. Please note that your credentials MUST verify your enrolment in or completion of a graduate-level degree (Masters or PhD). You need only send one of the following:
    • Letter from professors on faculty letterhead (signed with contact information)
    • Photocopies or scanned images of degrees
    • Photocopies or scanned images of transcripts
    • Any other official and verifiable documentation
  • We do not require original transcripts or degrees; photocopies and scanned images are acceptable. All paper documentation can be faxed to 001-905-967-1250 or sent by postal service to:
  • BrainMass
    76 Prospect Street
    Newmarket, ON, Canada
    L3Y 3T2
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Are foreign students studying in the US or Canada permitted to work as Academic Experts on the BrainMass system?

  • While we are not aware of any particular reason why they would not be able to, we are unqualified to offer advice with respect to this issue. Additionally, each Academic Expert may have specific sets of circumstances that may affect the answer to this question i.e. type of Visa held, immigration status, tax status etc.
  • As such, and given that Academic Experts are all sub-contractors to BrainMass and NOT employees, we cannot answer the question for you. We suggest that you contact the International Student Centre on your campus or the relevant government agency in the country, province or state that you are studying in.
  • As a starting point however, we have supplied links below to US and Canadian government websites that may contain more definitive information.
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Is it possible to get feedback from the students, particularly if they aren't happy with a solution they've paid for?

  • We feel it is very important for our Academic Experts to be aware of how the students feel about the assistance they are receiving. Any and all complaints or positive comments received from students are forwarded to the Academic Experts.
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