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Must be done in visual basic

Design and develop a project to assign a letter grade (A >= 90, B = [80..89], C = [70..79], D = [60..69], and F = [0..59]) to a student's Assignment based on a test score and other criteria.

Use a NumericUpDown control to allow the instructor's assistant to enter a test score between 0 and 100.
Use a group of RadioButton controls to determine the grade on Extra Credit Project #1: None (0 points), Average (3 point bonus), Above average (5 point bonus).
Use a second group of RadioButton controls to select whether a student handed in the assignment on time, with the default being On Time. The other choices are 1 to 2 days late (5 point penalty) and more than 2 days late (automatic score of 0).
Display the final total grade in a read-only TextBox control. Use global variables to keep track of which RadioButton control is checked before determining the final grade.
Deliverable Detail
Create user interface similar to the one pictured in this link.
Submit only ONE file. The file should be a zip of all necessary files to demonstrate your program.
The final grade must be a letter grade (A, B, C, D, or F). Make sure that your program only accepts test scores in the range [0..100] and final grades in the range [0..105]
Declare global variables by placing the Dim statement outside all methods.
gdbExtraCredit: to remember how much extra-credit should be given.
gdbLate: remember how much late penalty should be taken off depending on whether it is: on time, 1-2 days late, or more than 2 days late.
For each radio button, code a sub that handles the CheckedChanged event.
For example:
Private Sub rad1_2DayLate_CheckedChanged (...)
gdbLate = -5
End Sub

Code a method to handle btnCompute_Click(...) event.