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    Python code for robot finding path in a maze

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    Please produce a Python code for a robot navigating a maze. (Please see the attached file for additional information on the problem).

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    (Please refer to the detailed explanations in the .py file attached).
    The code is tested under Python 3.3 under Win x64 environment. If you believe a different python version might cause any trouble, please let me know and I will test the code in the environment you specify.

    # This might not be the most efficient implementation, but it should work.
    # The idea is to walk randomly, but never make the same move again.
    # For example, if we move north from x=0,y=1, and we got stucked,
    # then the next time we reach the node x=0,y=1, we should never go north again

    # This function determines if we can move to node x,y
    # Returns false whenever the node is invalid, or the node is a wall
    def CanMove(maze, x, y):
    if x < 0 or y < 0 or y >= len(maze):
    return False

    row = maze[y]
    if x >= len(row):
    return False

    if maze[y][x]=='w':
    return False

    return True

    # Move coordinate from x,y forward by 1 unit in the direction facing
    def MoveDir(facing, x, y):
    if facing == 'N':
    return ...

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    The solution contains a working python code that solves the path finding problem. The code is fully documented and contains a detailed explanation of the algorithm.