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    Python program for a limited over cricket match

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    In a limited over cricket match Team A is taking on Team B. Team A is batting first.

    Write a Python program that will first ask the number of overs each team will bat. The program then will continue to ask the score board people to input the runs for every ball for Team A until the team gets all out or they run out of overs. Do NOT prompt a message like "Enter runs :" for each ball.

    Each over has just six balls, and you do not need to worry about extra balls due to No Balls, Wide etc in this program. Also you do not need to worry about multiple things happening for a ball. For example, you do not need to consider cases where a team gets runs and at the same time loses a wicket for the same ball. For one ball only one thing will be happening.
    The program should display a running total score for the team. When the loop finishes the program should display the total score, number of wickets lost, and the number of overs played by Team A.

    The program then should do the same for Team B. When the loop finishes for Team B the program should display the total scores, number of wickets lost and number of overs played by both teams. An extra termination condition of the loop for Team B will be if the running total score of Team B exceeds the total score of Team A.

    The program will also display the winning team and the result. That is, if Team A wins then it will display the result in terms of runs. For example, Team A wins by 54 runs, which is the difference between the total runs scored by the teams. However, if Team B wins then the program will display the result in terms of wickets. For example, Team B wins by 3 wickets.

    The program will need to keep track of number of balls played, and number of wickets lost by a team. Use multiple functions, instead of using only one function to do everything. Make a good design of the functions to make the best use of the code and avoid duplicate calculations.

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