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    Differences between Java and other languages

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    What are the major differences between Java programming language and any other language? List and discuss three items.

    How could company utilize PDA technology to improve efficiencies? Would there be a time, cost, or labor savings?

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    Java vs. Cmm languages

    Handling of text strings is one good example of how Java and Cmm differ--an example that illustrates how the different Java and Cmm paths taken for modifying C can lead to very different code. Java strings are handled by one of two newly-created classes: String for constant-length strings and StringBuffer for strings that can be modified. Because these strings are a new type they receive a complete new set of methods for modifying strings, comparing strings, converting strings to arrays, and getting/setting substrings. In Cmm, by contrast, strings are defined exactly as they are in C: as an array of characters. Cmm arrays are just like C arrays, and so all of the string functions that have become standard in C over 25 years are the same functions used in Cmm, but become even easier to use because Cmm arrays are automatically grown and cleaned as needed. These standard and traditional C/C++ string functions would not work in Java because arrays and strings are new and independent data classes. The plus and minus operators, for example, work the same on Cmm string as they do in C, but in Java the plus and minus operators have entirely new meanings for strings.

    Java vs. Phantom
    As might be expected from a project with a three year head-start, the Java implementation is at a much more advanced stage of development than the Phantom implementation. In particular, Java has a wealth of standard ...

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    This posting has two components. The first lists differences between Java and other languages specifically Cmm, Python and Phantom.
    The other component will look at how the PDA (personal digital assistant) might improve efficiencies.