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    Control Systems (Frequency Domain)

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    Problem 2:
    A robot tennis player is shown in the figure above. The goal of the control system is to attain the best step response while attaining a high Kv.

    1. Why is it desirable to attain a good step response and a high Kv?

    2. Select Kv1=0.325 and Kv2=0.45. Note K does not equal Kv. Determine the phase margin, gain margin, and closed-loop bandwidth for each case. Determine these both graphically, from the appropriate bode plots, and using the Matlab functions margin and bandwidth.

    4. Estimate the overshoot and settling time for the step response in each case to obtain the damping ratio and natural frequency.

    5. Using the step function or ltiview, obtain the percent overshoot and settling time and compare them to your results in 4.

    6. Which do you consider the better design and why?

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    The control systems for a frequency domain is determined. Why it is desirable to attain a good step response and a high Kv is determined.