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    Sample Question: Control Systems

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    1. What is the phase margin and gain margin?

    A system has a loop function:
    A) P.M.= 32.5 degrees and G.M.=16.47 dB.
    B) P.M.= 30.2 degrees and G.M.=15.67 dB.
    C) P.M.= 31.8 degrees and G.M.=16.57 dB.
    D) P.M.= 32.3 degrees and G.M.=16.67 dB.

    2. The loop function of a unity feedback system is:

    Using a Nyquist plot, determine P, N, Z, and the stability of the system.
    A) 0, 0, 0, stable
    B) 0, -1, -1, unstable
    C) 0, 1, 1, unstable
    D) 1, -1, 0, stable

    3. The Bode plot for the loop function of a unity feedback system is shown below:

    Determine the gain K which must be added to the system so that a phase margin of 45 degrees is achieved.
    A) K=3.5
    B) K=1.4
    C) K=0.17
    D) K=0.83

    4. The loop function for a unity feedback system is:

    Let K=1 so that Kv=2. Design a lag network using a Bode diagram so that the phase margin is 45 degrees. The compensator and the frequency used in the design are:

    5. A feedback control system is shown below: The specification for the closed-loop system requires that the overshoot to a step input be less than 10%. Determine the corresponding specification Mpw and the resonant frequency in the frequency domain for the closed-loop system.

    A) 1.05, 5.92 rad/sec B.
    B) 18, 2.74 rad/sec C.
    C) 05, 3.25 rad/sec D.
    D) 18, 4.26 rad/sec

    6. The figure below represents the response of a circuit. Find the output voltage of the circuit assuming the input voltage Vin = 1.0V at 0.1 radians/second.

    A) -15V
    B) 1.8
    C) 0.18
    D) 1.2
    E) None of the above

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