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Control Charts, P-charts

Service Time, Sec. Establishing quality control charts for customer servicing times.

a. Determine upper and lower control limits for...
b. Olivia joined after the chart was established. The following samples of her customer service times...

Insurance company considering if retraining is required of salepeople for processing insurance applications. Concerned with number of applications non consistant with policy, 5 samples of 20 each were collected from 5 specific areas with following results...
a. Determine the upper and lower limits for a p-chart using a sample size of 20
b. After the control limits were established, a sample was taken and four applications we found to have mistakes. What can we conclude from this?

Determining if traffic light system needs to be redesigned to reduce instance of congestion.
a. Construct a p-chart based on the above data
b. Should the system be modified if, during the next three months, reports of congestion
at these 1,000 intersections indicate the following:
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