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Control charts

The Crouse Fuse Company case (attached pdf) presents a problem that may be analyzed with the use of P-Control Charts. The sampling data from operations during the monitored control week are used as a basis for P-Control chart limits in the future.

From the data in Exhibit 1 of the case, there are 80 different samples of 50 units per sample from the monitored week of operation. This gives a total number sampled as 80*50 = 4,000.

* See attached: CFC management wants to see STATs process control analysis applied to the data from their system - based on the proportion of defective units in a sample, and it should be done on the data from BOTH shifts.

* There were 94 defective units found during testing in the monitored week, yielding an expected proportion defective, = 94/4,000 = .0235. With a sample size n = 50; calculate the proportion standard deviation.
* Make control charts for a 95% confidence level, which gives us a standard normal distribution value with Z = 1.960.

Need statistical response/charts from Excel for these control charts.
Note: These control limits are then used to construct P-Control charts to consider the output from the First Shift and Second Shift of the first week of operation after the monitored week.

Thanks again!


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