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    Website publishing steps

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    Write a paper describing the steps involved in publishing a Web site.
    o Investigate two free and two fee-based options.
    o Explain which option you prefer and why.
    o Include any personal experience you may have publishing a Web site.

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    Web Site and Publishing Paper
    Steps involved in publishing a Web site.
    Publishing a web site might seem to be a simple process but involves a lot thought and involvement of many groups of IT. Publishing a complex web site having a lot changes will need lot of testing and effort.
    Most of times web site publishes try to have changes incremental rather than changing a lot at once. Some time you revamp a existing site with a whole new finality.
    1. Preparing the deployment or publish document:
    This is very important step to write down all the steps that are need for publishing a new site or publishing the changes to existing web site.
    The document will serve to track the changes that are going to be in website.
    a. All web site changes: text, images, documents, css , html , java script any thing that effect web site code.
    b. Database changes:
    If web site uses any database as back end for storing data.
    All database changes with table, views, stored procedures, scripts and any other related to database.
    This document should involve time based steps that ...

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    The expert describes the steps involved in publishing Websites. The expert investigates two free and two fee-based options.