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    System Update and CRM

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    What are two reasons why systems need to be updated or upgraded?
    How can a customer relationship management system advance the strategies of a payer organization?

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    1. Two reasons for system upgrade:

    An organizations' success is very much dependent on how efficient and robust its system and subsystems are. Usually failure seeps in when processes are not followed through appropriately or there is lack of required skill, technology, or knowledge to apply processes. All system upgrades or updates are somehow related to these two main reasons which may be further categorized into various streams.

    An ineffective flow of information within an organization may make the call for a system upgrade. If information is not communicated within divisions or departments when, where, why, what, how it's required, and who requires it, this usually means flow of information is not effective. The current systems are not able to handle the information flow and a system change is deemed necessary. For instance a paper based ...

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    This is a two part solution. The first part talks about the reasons why system would need to be upgraded or updated. The second part discusses the customer relationship management and how it drives strategies of an organization.