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Most large businesses rely on many complex processes to keep them running smoothly. Two large areas that impact large areas of business and IT are ERP and CRM.

How do ERP and CRM help a company?

What are the drawbacks to setting up those different types of systems in a business?

What direct effects do these systems have on customers?

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Summary of the implementation setbacks and customer benefits for ERP and CRM systems.

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What is an ERP - an Enterprise Resource Planning - system? It can be defined as the process in which a company manages and integrates the main parts of the business. It merges together the processes from planning, purchasing, financials, inventory, sales, marketing, human resources, etc. It is typically a management system that unifies the entire organization.

While the idea behind an ERP system seems optimal, it process behind it can sometimes seem a little daunting. The costs of implementing a software system can be high. There is planning, customizations, configurations, testing, implementation, etc. that must be completed in order for the system to be successful. It can sometimes take years before an ERP system is functioning to its fullest potential. In addition, the financial savings and payback from the new system may not be immediately felt in the ...

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