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Improvements and Redesign

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The Kudler Fine Foods website is in need of improvement and redesign.
Could you please write your suggestions on the improvements and redesign of the site.
Thank you

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Improvement recommendations for a web site

The website for Kudler Fine Foods is simply inadequate. The site is very basic and does nothing to showcase the high level of quality products the stores are offering. Navigation is clunky and style is simply lacking. With a few cosmetic changes and a few minor tweaks to the user interface the website for Kudler Fine Foods will become very user friendly and mirror the quality of goods and services provided at the stores.

The scope of this will incorporates information concerning design, layout, style, artistic quality, ease of navigation and redesign..

Kudler Fine Food Company may loose power generating revenue on the internet due to poor designs; customers can be turned away and in turn go with the well designed competitor's site.

High definition Images and Videos:
There is need outsourcing professional photographers to have high definition images of products.
This site needs to have high definition flash videos about the products.
Now a days users more interested in watching videos rather reading boring text and images.

There is no consistent color palette to this site. Colors are thrown together as the designer saw fit. Poor contrast makes the text somewhat difficult to view as well. The use of color should provide a comfortable, relaxed first impression. With the use of violet over a black background, Kudler Fine Foods does not reveal this impression to its customers. These colors seem to clash together and provide the feeling that this company is not a fine foods company.

The violet text box presentation conflicts with the background. This type of boxing text provides a rough and unfinished design to Kudler Fine Foods website.

Poor imagery

The images on this site are not optimized, and are much distorted. The site should offer a variety of products with great images.

Home page changes:
The home page should present a clearer message explaining why users should choose to shop at Kudler Fine foods rather than at a competitor such as World- Market.

Multi-language support:
In order to provide access to as many customers as possible this web site needed to be hosted on different locations in U.S.A and around the world.

Location specific content:
User should have ability change the language based on location.

Improved User navigation & experience:
The navigation should be simple and easy navigation.
The site needs to use style sheets to have consistent look and feel and color schema.

Search Functionality:
This should have "search" functionality as now days the entire user wants search some point of interest in a web site instead of looking for the content in all over pages of web site.

W3C Standards compliance:
In all pages there should be link to Home.
This site should be follow web standards laid down by w3 (http://www.w3.org/WAI/)
and confirm to Web Accessibility Initiative.

Items to analyzed again:
We need analysis of the existing site and was able to determine how effective the current site is from a customer's perspective, how easy it is to maintain, and recommend aesthetic, technological, and functional changes to improve the overall web experience. This document outlines Learning Team D's findings and proposed changes.
Customer Perspective
The current Kudler Fine Foods Web site provides visitors with basic ...

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