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Ethical issues/property/Surveillance

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Hello, I have attached the case study on a ethical issue.I have to analyse as what I will be doing in that situation.The case is just describing a scenario and I need to answer what can be done.Can anyone please help in this?I need a detailed report on this.The instructions are in the attachment.


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As the Vice President of WLGA, my prime duty is to protect the interests of WLGA and advance its sales and customership. However, as a responsible citizen of Wegotchewan and a member of the Canadian society, I also hold moral and ethical obligations to help stamp out vicious crimes like drunk driving which costs many an innocent man his life. Further, in my own private interests, I would like to keep my job as the Vice President and would not like to displease the opposition party of Wegotchewan, given the pre-poll indications that it is likely to form the ruling government.
<br>There are several ethical issues involved in this situation. The most important ...

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