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    Information in a Read-Only Memory (ROM)

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    Explain what use a read-only memory (ROM) serves in the design of a computer system. What type of information is kept in a ROM, and how does that information originally get into the memory?

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    What type of information is kept in a ROM ?
    Read only Memory has the BIOS or Basic Input Output System. Which runs at the start up of the computer system.
    Most importantly it handles all the input, output and storage devices in the system. The BIOS start controlling the system so that all the other chips, hard drives, ports and CPU function together.

    After fabrication, ROM (at least in hard-wired mask form) cannot be modified. It is suitable for data not needing modification in operation. ROM has been also used to store look-up tables for the evaluation of mathematical and ...

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    This response explains how read-only memory (ROM) works and how information is inputed into the memory.