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    Basic Components and Types of Computer Systems

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    What are the basic components and types of computer systems? Provide some descriptions with your examples. Response needs to be at least 200 words in length.

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    The rubric of "computer system" spans a wide range, from cell phone to supercomputers. Yet the basic components of all computer systems all contain five basic functional elements: input method, processor, memory, data storage, and output method. A computer system needs a method of entering information (input method) which is processed, and a result displayed or "output." Methods of input are keyboards and mice but have now expanded to other methods such as touch screens, motion and proximity sensors, etc. The processor is the "chip" which performs the compute request which may involve computing, process, or an application routine, as requested by the user or called by an application.

    All computer systems, from cellphones with extremely tiny chips which fit in small form factors, to ...

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