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    Computer Devices Situation

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    What situations are correct for the following: hard disk, floppy disk, RAM, CD ROM, tape, and Flash/jump drive?

    What is the role of: RAM, clock speed, data on hard disk, data on CD ROM, and data on floppy disk?

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    Hard disk is essentially useful in all situations - a computer can run without a hard disk.
    A floppy disk is a secondary storage device, primarily used to transfer data from one PC to another. Nowadays, floppy disks have become obsolete and laptops do not even have floppy disk drives.
    RAM stands for Random Access Memory and makes the data transfer from the hard disk faster. It is used in desktops, laptops, palmtops and even some mobile phones.
    CD ROM stands for Compact Disk Read Only ...

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    The solution examines the computer device situations.