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Internet Projection for Children

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What additional level of internet protection should children have over adults? Provide explanations for the following situations:
1. free or low-cost access to child-protection software
2. increased penalties to web sites containing objectionable materials
3. the design and /or content of home pages of objectionable sites
4. browser design and privacy features among others

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"Internet protection for children is very important (Cadogan, 2002)." Some children feel comfortable using technology and are eager to use mobile devices and communicate with individuals across the globe. Technology allows children to communicate with others via email, post messages and communicate with individuals from various backgrounds. Internet connections make it possible for children to access the web from virtually anywhere. They do so without the help of many adults.

The Internet offers a wealth of knowledge but some of the content on the internet can be very dangerous to children. Many adults are sometimes unaware of ...

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Internet protection for children is examined. The expert increases penalties to web sites containing objectionable materials.

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