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A local middle school hired you to write a quiz program that answers questions about Math, Science and the Arts. The program user should be able to select from these topics by entering an option when the program starts. For example, you may use M for Math, S for Science, A for the Arts, and X to exit the program. After the student selects the topic, the program presents a series of questions. The student should answer the question with a one character choice option. The program should provide four options for each question. One option should allow the user to exit from the quiz. Selecting the questions is up to you. If the user responds to a question correctly, the program displays a positive feedback message. If the user responds incorrectly to the question, the program displays the correct answer. The program continues to present questions within the selected topic, for a maximum of five questions, or until the students exits the questions menu. Exiting the questions menu returns the student to the topics menu. At the end of the quiz, the program displays the total number of correct and incorrect answers for each topic. Your code should be well commented.

HINT: This program will require nested loops, the outer loop asking students which category to choose from or selecting to exit the quiz. The inner loop, will cycle through asking the student questions on a particular topic. There are many ways to program these looping structures and terminate the loop when the student enters an "x". A useful feature to terminate a loop early is the break statement.

In addition to the above programming assignment, please also answer the following questions:

Did you use pseudo code to plan your quiz application? If yes, how did it help? If no, what did you use as a plan?

Address the following points about testing your application.

How many test cases did you use to test your application?
Did you perform exhaustive testing on your application? Justify your answer.
How confident are you that your application will not crash if given to a professional test organization to test?
Include your code and the answers to the questions

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1. You can come up with the test cases yourself. Basically permutate the order of "M" "S" "A" ...

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