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    Relationship with IT Staff

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    What your relationship would be like with the technical or IT staff at your company if you were working side by side on a project or training excercise? What examples of collaberation and communications do you and the technical staff explore.

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    Business and technical relationships.
    Describe the relationships and interactions between business and technical or IT staff at your company when working side by side on a project or training exercise? Provide examples of collaboration and communications used.


    I believe what you are exploring here is commonly referred to as relationship management.?Within large organizations, the IT function needs to designate relationship managers who can interact with the business side?and facilitate the delivery of IT services.

    Most organizations face pressures from the inside to reduce costs and from the outside to be more ...

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    The expert provides a brief discussion on IT Relationship Management. The expert provides examples of collaberation and communication and the technical staff explores.