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Secure Computer Room

Provide a list of recommendations for establishing a secure computer room

Justify the recommendations by explaining how they conform to the requirements put forward in the Sarbanes-Oxley Act

Include the principles of separation of duties to determine who should be granted access into the computer room and the type of access they should have.

Include at least one reference

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To establish a secure computer room, especially servers containing most of the important corporate data, here are 10 recommendations which can be implemented:
1. Implement a combination of electronic and mechanical lock system to the room. The combination of that type of lock provides better security against unauthorized access.
2. Use authentication methods that are harder to breach. Biometric authentication, such as fingerprint scanning and voice recognition provide better authentication than normal ID cards.
3. Have a security personnel positioned just outside the computer room. He/she will act as the first line of identification and authentication of the person who tries to access the room.
4. Provide logs during entry to be able to have a record of who entered the room and the time he/she entered in case there was an occurrence of information leak, data manipulation, or any issues that endanger the information's confidentiality and integrity.
5. Place ...

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