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    How to Ensure the Physical Security of a Network

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    Describe how you would would apply physical security to a network (e.g. building, network, computer, etc.).

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    Building Security
    ==> Install security cameras: It is a good idea to install cameras in the hallways and the lobby. It is not easy to identify a real camera and a decoy one. This makes it possible to use a mix of real and dummy cameras and spread them to reduce cost but increase coverage. It acts as a good deterrent for unwanted visitors; however, data from wireless cameras might be intercepted and viewed by an intruder if they are not encrypted.
    ==> Deploy security personnel: For greater security to important servers and sensitive information in storage places, there should be security personnel on duty to prevent intrusion when the alarms set off.
    ==> Secure the server ...

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    Physical security is an important part of the overall security policy of an organization. I have attached a document which discusses the issues.