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Secure Business Networks

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Discuss the security of the network and suggest best practices for securing the business network.

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Security Characteristics
The need of security for the network is to ensure,
1. Integrity
2. Authenticity
3. Authentication
4. Authorization
5. Secrecy
6. Trust

Best Practices
The data integrity is to ensure that transmitted or conveyed data are not corrupted and deformed. In transmission physical memory and transmission media are involved. The corruption of physical memory can be easily detected and rectified. To ensure the transmission media is intact, transmitted data matches an accompanying checksum. Error Correcting Coding (ECC) and Cyclic Redundancy Checking (CRC) are fundamental coding and integrity checking mechanisms of most computer systems.

If an office receives a message from a customer submit a document for car registration, the office has to make sure that the message has been sent from the actual customer and not an impostor or intruder. A ...

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This response provides suggestions for securing a business network.

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