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    Networking Question WK3

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    I need your help in the below questions:

    1. Based on the Beliles and Twinam (2008) article, what role does an Ethernet layer 2 switch play in virtual local-area networks (VLAN)? How can an Ethernet layer 2 switch be used to implement physical and data security policies? How does protecting a VLAN switch in a secure physical location prevent tampering?

    2. Based on the Hamblen and Lawson (2008) article, what is the major innovation that this new switch offers? How does this convergence allow data centers to be virtual?

    3.What impact does network congestion have on productivity?

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    1. An Ethernet Layer 2 switch provides physical connectivity to different virtual local area networks, but also provides logical separation and physical security information between them. This allows evices such as surveillance cameras connected to a VLAN be logically separated from other VLANs. Ethernet switches can implement logical access control lists (ACLs), which are used to implement security policies. Logical ACLs contains permit and ...

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