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    Recovering crashed and unmirrored centralized multi-user database

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    A centralized multi-user database has a log file and was backed up yesterday. The hard drive on which the database is stored crashes while being used. The disk was not mirrored. Explain how this database should be recovered. Be specific.

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    Backup of data is a process that copies the data. The copy of data contains important parts of the database, including data files that contain user data and server parameter file. The control file contains configuration information.

    The main purpose of the backup is a safeguard against unexpected data loss and application errors. For example, the hard drive can fail causing a loss of data files. You can restore a backup of data and reconstruct the lost data files through media recovery. Media recovery refers to the operations involved in restoring, rolling forward, and rolling back a backup of database files.

    Oracle Database create files in flash recovery area and deleted files from flash recovery area that are obsolete, redundant, or ...

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    This response looks at how to recover data from a hard drive which has crashed.