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Girl Scout Cookies: Working with Excel

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Open the Excel file called "Girl Scout Cookies.xls".
Follow the steps below. If you make an error, use the UNDO button to undo the error.
1. Widen column A to a width of 12. (Hint: select the column, click format, click column)
2. Widen column B to a width of 10.
3. Make columns C through J a width of 9.
4. Format the dates in column C as mm/dd/yy (Hint: Format, Cells, Number).
5. Wrap the text in cells C4 through K4 (Hint: Format, Cells, Alignment)
6. In cell J5, enter the function to sum all the cookies sold by Jacqueline. Copy the contents of this cell to the other rows (through row 14).
7. In cell E16, enter the function to sum all the "Chalet" cookies sold. Copy this function through column J.
8. In cell E17, enter the function to calculate the average of "Chalet" cookies sold. Copy through column J.
9. In cell E18, enter the function to calculate the least number of "Chalet" cookies sold. Copy through column J. (HINT: Use the MIN function)
10. In cell E19, enter the function to calculate the largest number of "Chalet" cookies sold. Copy through column J. (HINT: Use the MAX function)
11. Bold the text in A1 and A2 and make it 12 point Comic Sans MS.
12. Center the text in A1 and A2 between columns A and K. (Hint: use the Merge and Center button, do one line at a time)
13. Center all the words in A4 through K4, and make them italic. Shade these cells with a light gray color (Hint: Format, Cells, Patterns)
14. Format the averages in row 17 so they have no decimal places. (Hint: Format, Cells, Number)
15. Insert a row above Marjorie. Type your own first and last name (even if you're not a "girl scout"). Type 9/1/02 (18 months) for the date you joined the troop and use the following: Beginning with Chalet: 10, 2, 3, 5, 2. Copy the necessary formulas and functions from the row above.
16. Determine what Prize each Troop member should receive. Enter this information in cells K5 thru K14
17. Put a thick bottom border under cells A14 through K14
18. Shade cells J17 through J20 with a light gray color
19. Widen column K to "autofit selection".
20. Save your file.
21. Create a column chart comparing Total Sold for each type of cookie. Put this chart in the same sheet as the data.
a. Use and Exploded 3-D Pie Chart
b. Use Rows
c. Include the title: Girl Scout Cookie Sales Totals
d. Move and size the chart so it is approximately between A21 and E39.
22. Use Page Setup to do the following (hint: click outside the chart first):
a. Change the top margins to .75 inch (3/4 inch) and the bottom margin to .5 inch (1/2 inch)
b. set the orientation to Landscape
c. Click the "Fit to 1 page" option
23. print with gridlines (but not with row/column headings) (HINT: Page Setup, Sheet)
24. Save!

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