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Existentialist methods

I have to do a presentation on Existentialism, but for the presentation we have to act out a 3-5 min skit on how an existentialist classroom is run/like. I am finding it a little confusing and therefore having a very difficult time coming up with an idea for a skit or scenario to perform to show existentialism. an idea would help me to better understand the Existentialism philosophy. Any ideas??? Could you help me please.

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Existentialist methods focus on the individual. Learning is self-paced, self directed, and includes a great deal of individual contact with the teacher, who relates to each student openly and honestly.

According to the Existentialists, the starting point for every philosophical investigation is concrete human existence - the human personality in itself, whose drama of life, should point the way to the absolute value of reality.

Existentialism rejects the existence of any source of objective, authoritative truth about metaphysics, epistemology, and ...

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Existentialist methods