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Discussing the Humanistic/Existential Approach

Please help in understanding what the humanistic/existential approach says about free will? Also, how does this conflict with what a behaviorist might say?

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Humanistic/Existential Approach:
The humanistic or the existential approach endorse the idea that human beings have a free will and are therefore provided with the capability of selecting what they want or do not want to do despite the fact that they may not realize this. The approach has the capability of explicitly stating that people have free will. In addition to this, it also states that people have the capability of choosing the actions that they want to carry out as a result of their free will therefore providing an explanation on how an individual's behavior is determined by the manner in which one treats his or her hands and other innate needs. (Chapter 6: Brief Humanistic and Existential Therapies, n.d).

Humanistic therapists provide a way in which people can free themselves ...

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The solution discusses the humanistic/existential approach.