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    Therapeutic Approaches/Reality and Existential

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    1/In reading your answer in reality therapy "it is not the role of therapist to affect change, but that of the individual." I was thinking no matter what theory is used the therapist in some fashion will have a part in the client's change. I think it is human nature to see what others want for you this especially with client and therapist. What are your thoughts?
    2/In what ways do you think Reality Therapy is similar to Existentential Approach?

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    While it is not the role of the therapist to affect change (i.e., bring it about); however, the Reality therapist influences the change. However, Reality therapists are focused on helping clients do self-evaluations. Based on this premise, their role is not to make the evaluation of the problem for clients, but to challenge them to evaluate themselves so that they can toward more satisfying relationships.

    An Existential approach is similar to the approach of Reality Therapy in that both base assumptions upon choices. The Existential ...

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