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    Existential and Gestalt Theories

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    Can you help with comparing existential and Gestalt therapeutic approaches, focus on how they are alike and different in therapeutic goal, key concepts, role of the counselor, role of the client, and therapeutic interventions?

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    Both Existential and Gestalt therapies are client-centered, focus is on the client's thoughts and behaviors. The client-centered psychotherapist strives to sense deeply the client's experiential world and reflect back what is heard in a way that both empathically captures and deepens the client's awareness (Farber, 2010). The client is asked to tell in their own words what they are thinking and feeling and the therapist repeats back to them as a way of ensuring understanding and to show empathy. Having the client hear the thoughts and behaviors out loud is a way to get them to face and understand what they have control over (Cannon, 2009). ...

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