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    Redesign report guidelines

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    Given the guidelines. identify flaws in the design of the Report of Customers that follows. What assumptions about users and tasks did you make in order to assess this design? Redesign this report to correct these flaws.

    Report of Customers 26-Oct-07
    Cust-ID Organization
    AC-4 A.C. Nielson Co.
    ADTRA-20799 Adran
    ALEXA-15812 Alexander & Alexander, Inc.
    AMERI-1277 American Family Insurance
    AMERI-28157 American Residental Mortgage
    ANTAL-28215 Antalys
    ATT-234 AT&T Residental Services
    ATT-534 AT&T Consumer Services
    DOLE-89453 Dole United, Inc.
    DOME-5621 Dome Caps, Inc.
    DO-67 Doodle Dandies
    ZNDS-22267 Zenith Data System

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    The flaws in the report of customer that you shown here are:

    First one is that report doesn't contain its purpose. I mean why we are designing this report.

    Second, the cust-id is not very clearly defined specially the number of characters are differ in them.

    Third, not properly presented.

    Some Guidelines for designing a Report:

    1. The report must contain its objective. I mean what is the purpose of the report, for what the report is designed (for example: sales-report, customer-details etc).

    2. Customer id is very important field when you are designing repots like this.

    3. First of all customer-id for all customers must contain same number of characters.

    4. It(customer-id) should be very clear and understandable for example if we are creating customer-id for the customer then it contains some information about a particular customer such as some character of customer ...

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    The solution redesigns report guidelines and identifies flaws in the design. The assumptions about users and tasks are determined.