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I need an online review on " Driving Factors in The Enterprise Applications Market"

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PROBLEM - OF Enterprise resource planing

Enterprise resource planing
PROBLEM - An online review of topic " Driving Factors in The Enterprise Applications Market"
I need a solution on" Driving Factors in The Enterprise Applications Market" in the form of a Word file and should contains hyperlinks to the relevant references this purpose you should assume the solution is being read with a live connection to the web.
This solution is a review of a newsletter article of Driving Factors in The Enterprise Applications Market ". The review should include:
1. A summary of the thesis of the article you are reviewing.
2. Reflection on what other authors have said on this topic in support of or in contradiction with the thesis of the argument.
3. An expression of your own opinion
4. Some look into the future on the topic of the article or further research that would be beneficial.
The intention behind this problem is to have you reflect on one or more key issues being faced in the ERP world today.

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