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    Function of e-market and use of enterprise applications

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    1.Define e-Market. How do they work? List and explain the specific advantages they offer over the traditional markets. List different classifications of e-Markets and specifically discuss the contrasts between horizontal and vertical markets.

    2.Name four core enterprise applications and explain how e-markets help them perform better. Use the aspects like personalization, customization, product bundling etc.

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    Running Head: E-MARKET

    E-Market & Core enterprise Applications

    E- Markets are basically a virtual market place where buyers and sellers are brought together in one fundamental market for interchanging goods, services or information. An e-market renders organizations with a great e-commerce platform for sales innovation and enhanced means to handle and record order for their buyers. With e-market all organizations can advertise about their company and list their products and services in e-market's catalogues rather than getting registered in traditional markets along with a number of legal formalities.
    All the businesses can approach sellers' catalogues and make acquisitions online by means of secure login rather than searching by going to each and every one personally. They can generate requisitions, have the requisitions sanctioned mechanically and have their purchase orders sent to suppliers electronically. Traditional markets were having a number of formalities can now easily be surpassed with the help of e-market and in addition e-market renders organizations with a quick and speedy access ...

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