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Mass percentage of sodium chloride in a mixture

A sample of a mixture containing only sodium chloride and potassium chloride has a mass of 3.5650g. When this sample is dissolved in water and excess silver nitrate is added, a white precipitate (silver chloride) forms. After filtration and drying, this precipitate has the mass 7.9143g.
What is the mass percentage of sodium chloride in the mixture?

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NaCl + AgNO3 -> AgCl(ppt) + NaNO3
KCl + AgNO3 -> AgCl(ppt) + KNO3
Atomic wt of Ag = 108
Atomic wt of Cl = 35.5
atomic wt of Na = 22
Atomic wt of K = 39
molecular wt of AgCl = 108+35.5 = 143.5
in 143.5 gm of AgCl=> Cl = 35.5 gm
=> in 7.9143 gm of AgCl => Cl = 7.9143*35.5/143.5 = 1.9579 gm
molecular ...

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