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Molarity, mole, dilution

1. A sample of concetrated nitric acid has density of 1.41g/ml and contains 70% HNO3, by mass.
a. What mass of HNO3 is present per litre of solution?(in g/l)
b. What is the molarity of the solution?

2. Calculate each of the following quantities.

a. molarity of a solution prepared by diluting 32.14ml of 0.238M potassium chloride to 150.00ml

b. molarity of a solution prepared by diluting 27.83ml of 0.0682M ammonium sulfate to 500.00ml

c. molarity of sodium ion in a solution made by mixing 3.79ml of0.284M sodium chloride with 500.00ml of 6.51 x 10-3M sodium sulfate(assume volumes are additive)

(Write answers in standard form)