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    Basic Chemistry Problems

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    Hi, I need some assistance understanding the answers to the following multiple choice questions:

    1. The weight of a body varies according to the force of gravity exerted on the body.

    2. An anion is the a:
    - Positive pole in an electrical system
    - Subatomic part of an atom
    - Molecule with a +1 net charge
    - Negatively charged molecule

    3. Determine the number of moles of aluminum in 96.7 g of Al:
    - 0.279 mol
    - 3.58 mol
    - 7.43 mol
    - 4.21 mol
    - 6.02 ^ 1023 mol

    4. The mass of four moles of molecular bromine (Br2) is:
    - 80 g
    - 320 g
    - 640 g
    - 140 g
    - 24 ^1023 g

    5. An irregularly shaped piece of metal with a mass of 114 g was placed into a graduated cylinder that contained 25.00 mL of water. This raised the water level to 42.50 mL. What is the density of the metal?
    - 7.25 g/mL
    - 6.5 g/mL
    - 2.68 g/mL
    - 0.592 g/mL

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    Here are my answers:

    1. This is exactly the definition of weight. Weight is the force exerted on an object by gravity.
    Reference: http://m-w.com/cgi-bin/dictionary?book=Dictionary&va=weight&x=0&y=0

    2. An anion is a ...

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