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    Inorganic Chemistry problems

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    Balance the equation for the disproportionation of sulfur into sulfide and thiosulfate (symbol in attachment) in base. Determine if the reaction spontaneous.

    Second question also present in the attachment.

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    In basic medium, the disproportionation of elemental sulfur into sulfide can be given as below:
    4S + 4H2O  SO42- + 3HS- + 5H+
    This reaction occurs in basic medium.
    whereas sulfide gives thiosulfate as shown below:
    SO42- + HS- + H+  S2O32- + H2O
    This reaction is more favorable in the acidic ...

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    Solutions are provided for two challenging inorganic chemistry problems involving disproportionation reaction of thiosulfate and Latimer diagram for O2/H2O system in detailed steps.