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    Acid, Bases and Salts: Example Problems

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    A 55-year-old woman visits a popular eatery for lunch. She orders a cheese and bacon pizza with extra cheese and has about 3 large glasses of cola (ph value 3). On the way back home, she experiences heartburn and abdominal pain, and has difficulty breathing. She drinks a lot of water and has to consume milk of magnesia (pH value 10.5) before she feels comfortable again.

    Classify the liquids that she has consumed as acidic or alkaline.

    State the pH values of water and blood.

    State what the patient can include and avoid in her diet on a regular basis to avoid these symptoms in the future.

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    Acids result in the production of protons when mixed in water, whereas bases result in the production of hydroxide ions. The definition of pH is negative log of hydrogen ions (protons or hydronium ions), and this results that aqueous solutions that ...

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