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Spontaneous reaction

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Questions 12-13:
The spontaneous reaction that occurs when the cell above operates is
2 Ag^+ + Cd(s) -> 2 Ag(s) + Cd^2+

a) voltage increases
b )voltage decreases by remains but remains above zero
c) voltage becomes zero and remains remains at 0.
d) no change in voltage occurs.
e) direction of voltage change cannot be predicted without additional information

Which of the above occurs for each of the following circumstances:

12) The silver electrode is made larger.
Ans A, B, C, D or E?

13) The salt bridge is replaced by platinum wire.
Ans A, B, C, D or E?

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The solution is given in short answers. The spontaneous reaction operations are analyzed.

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12) D No change. The voltage is related with the ...

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