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Understanding Gibbs Free Energy Change

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What is Gibbs free energy? What is the difference between entropy and enthalpy? What does the useful work derived do such that the entropy increases (additional to that increased along with enthalpy) but enthalpy remains the same (i.e the useful work does not increase the enthalpy)?

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Gibbs free energy change is analyzed. The differences between entropy and enthalpy are found.

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Understanding Gibbs Free Energy Change Qualitatively

Gibbs free energy is a measure of the spontaneity of a reaction. Basically, a process that can occur under a particular set of conditions is said to be spontaneous; a process that cannot occur under the given conditions is nonspontaneous.

Although a reaction may be spontaneous, it may not occur at an observable rate. The speed of a reaction involves kinetics, not thermodynamics. Gibbs free energy is not a kinetic term, it is a thermodynamic term.

Kinetics is related to the "activation energy" of a reaction, i.e. the amount of energy required to move the reactants "up the energy hill" to the ...

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