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    Gibbs Energy Question

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    Calculate deltaG of reaction for:

    glucose+ 2 ATP ----> 2 ADP + 2 G3P

    For concentrations, glucose:

    5.0 mM G3P:0.019 mM ATP: 1.85 mM ADP:0.14 mM

    delta G for reaction under standard conditions = -1.97 kJ, assuming the temperature is 298 K.

    Do I use delta G standard + RT ln K for this reaction?

    What is T in this case?

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    Yes, the free energy relationship between standard state and the equilibrium product constant holds.

    But lets look a bit closer at what you have. If an equilibrium is present the free energy is zero for the reaction i.e. nothing is driving it either way. I think the part that might be confusing is that in the case of non-zero free energy fot the reaction rather than a K which indicates equilibrium it is better to use the symbol Q for the equilibrium product ...

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    The solution calculates deltaG of reaction for the given concentration.