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    5 Electrochemistry Half-Cell Spontaneity Questions

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    Question 1:
    Using and , calculate and for the following reaction:

    If this is a spontaneous reaction, will it be spontaneous at all temperatures?
    Question 2:
    Give the following battery: and and calculate . If you wanted to reduce your of your battery by Volts and the concentration of is M, what would the concentration of have to be?

    Question 3:
    Choose in which direction the following reaction would be spontaneous. Calculate , and and for the spontaneous direction.

    Question 4:
    For the following reaction choose which direction the reaction would be spontaneous and calculate when the concentration of is M and is M:

    Draw the battery and choose which metal will be the anode and which will be the cathode. If the concentration of Gold would be reduced to M, would that help or hurt the energy output of your battery, explain.

    Question 10:
    Give the half-cells:

    A. Choose the anode and cathode.
    B. Calculate and for this reaction.
    C. Calculate what the new cell potential would be if the concentrations were M and M and M.

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