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Quantitative Analysis in Chemistry

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I have attached a paper with two questions I am not sure how to approach. This is my first assignment in quantitative analysis. I would like to start off with a good understanding of the topic, so complete work and explanation would be greatly appreciated.

Five mineral samples of equal mass of Calcite, 〖CaCO〗_3 (MM 100.085) had a total mass of 10.1 ± 0.1g. What is the average mass of calcium in each sample? (Assume that the relative uncertainties in atomic mass are small compared the uncertainty of the total mass.)

2. A solution of HNO3 is standardized by reaction with pure sodium carbonate.
2H+ + 〖Na〗_2 〖CO〗_3→ 2Na+ +H2O + 〖CO〗_2
A volume of 25.77 ± 0.06 mL of 〖HNO〗_3 solution was required for complete reaction with 0.8896 ± 0.0007g of Na2CO3, (FM 105.988 ± 0.001). Find the molarity of the 〖HNO〗_3 and its absolute uncertainty.

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Solution Summary

This solution shows step-by-step calculations to determine the average mass of calcium in each sample, molarity and absolute uncertainty of a compound.

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