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    Solid States, Half Lives and Young's Modulus Questions

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    1.) (A) DEFECTS
    Metals yield at a stress much lower than those calculated on the basis of their bond strength alone. This is explained by the presence of defects. Identify the principal defects responsible for this observation.

    a.) Grain Boundaries
    b.) Interstitial Metal Atoms
    c.) Vacancies
    d.) Dislocations

    You have a single crystal of 100% pure gold. Identify which of the following defects you would expect to be present at room temperature.
    a.) Free surface
    b.) Grain Boundaries
    c.) Vacancies
    d.) Inclusions
    e.) Substitutional impurity atoms
    f.) Interstitial impurity atoms.

    Please see attachment for full question set, including questions on elongation, Young's modulus and half-lives.

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